What is a Funduro?

Funduros are races where steep, technical or fast sections have been excluded so that all riders can be included and race fully insured under Auscycling without a full-face helmet.

Full face helmets and elbow/knee pads are still recommended especially if you are known to go FULL SEND!

Kempsey Funduro – 30th of April 2022



Firefly has all rollover features meaning no scary drops or surprises. This is a fun and flowy track. 

Ugly Duck

Ugly Duck starts opposite the Firefly Trailhead to avoid the more technical features higher up the hill and gaps will be taped off on race day. 

Bad Hare Day

Only the lower section of this track will be used. The start point will be at the junction of Grass Tree and Fred’s Trap Road.

Race Format

Riders will have 3 timed tracks that must be completed and the best time from each attempt will get added together for an overall time. Each rider can attempt up to 5 runs on each track.
You aren’t timed on the uphill so there is no rush getting back up to the top, except if you plan on riding all tracks 5 times! 
Riders are welcome to head down together and as there is no start line, friends and families can party train it down the tracks. 
Riders under the age of 13 can be towed or pushed up to the start of each race run.
Riders must allow enough time for the rider starting ahead of them to get down the trail without catching them. 
There will be 1 track designated for beginner or slower riders at all times and this track will be rotated through the afternoon. Eg trail 1 is the “slow trail” from 1 pm – 2 pm. Trail 2 is the “slow trail from 2 pm – 3 pm. Trail 3 is the “slow trail” from 3 pm-4 pm. The faster riders will need to work around those reservations.
Parents escorting their children down a trail will need to remove plates to avoid being timed. Parents/guardians will need to be registered for insurance purposes and can register as a non-racing parent/guardian if they are not wanting to be timed.


Categories start with the u7’s and go up by 2 years of age until the u19 category.
From then the adults will be racing in:
Open – 19-29
Maters – 30-39
Vets – 40-49
GrandMasters 50+
There is also an eBike category which may be the most popular! 

Entry Fees and Inclusions

Regular entry price
$25 for juniors
$35 for all other categories
$10 late fee for on the day entries

Race entries will include:
• A raffle ticket to put in the bucket next to a prize you want to win (TBC pending numbers and sponsors)
• Music
• Live timing
• Custom race plate
• First aid (if required!)
• Free sausage sanger after event
• Toilets


9:00-11:50 am unofficial race practice. No first aid is available.
11:50 am Rider Briefing
12:00 pm Timed runs begin
3:00 pm Timed runs finish
4:00 pm (or earlier if possible) Presentation / lucky draw prizes