1. Coaching

  • Varied Programs: Our coaching is designed to cater to all levels of riders, offering a range of benefits. Our junior program, for instance, is a great opportunity for school-aged students to develop their mountain bike skills, whether they’re beginners or aiming to enhance their racing success.
  • Pathway to Racing: While we no longer have a dedicated “Race Team,” we guide riders to the Hunter Academy of Sport for specialised coaching.
  • Additional Opportunities: We provide affordable holiday programs, private group coaching, and tours to help riders of all ages and skill levels improve their abilities.

2. Events and Timing

  • Event Management: We specialize in managing various mountain biking events. This year, we are again assisting clubs in running the NSW Schools MTB Series.
  • Experienced Hosting: Our team has a wealth of experience organising various mountain biking events, including cross-country races, team events, Gravity Enduro, Funduro, and more. This experience ensures that our events are always exciting and well-managed.

For more detailed information on our events, please follow the links above.

Our Sponsors

We gratefully acknowledge our generous sponsors, whose support helps keep our events affordable and enjoyable for all participants.