We provide two options for coaching. The first is purely for riders who are looking at improving their mountain skills. These riders may consider doing some club-level racing but are more interested in gaining confidence as they learn skills appropriate to their level of ability. The second option is for year 6+ riders who are interested in travelling for racing. We are able to support these athletes with weekly coaching which could be at a race location before an event or will be held at Glenrock.

The skill development coaching costs $160 for 2 terms and groups are divided according to ability. This coaching is on a Wednesday afternoon from 4 pm until 4.45-5 pm depending on the age group. The Race Development Team will meet at the same time but will finish after 5.15 pm. The race team will have a combination of skills coaching and fitness conditioning.

For each of these options, there are minimum standards that need to be met. Click on the following links to learn more.

When registering, riders must commit to 6 months of coaching to justify the cost of the compulsory jersey ($60 for skill dev and $90 for race team) and minimise admin time. Coaches also like time to ride bikes!

Hunter Schools MTB is a registered provider for the use of Active Kids Vouchers. If you are looking at using a voucher, you will need to email info@hunterschoolsmtb.com to organise this and to receive a discount code.

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