Auscycling Membership is COMPULSARY for the Gravity Enduro but is included as part of the school only Funduro 

If you dont have Auscycling membership, you can take out a trial membership, day licence or race licence here:
Proof of Auscycling insurance must be shown at registration.

What is the difference between the Funduro and Gravity Enduro?

Funduro – Is for school ages students only. Riders can race in u7, u9, u11, u13 and 13+ Funduro. The tracks chosen are trails that aren’t deemed to be super fast, technical or steep so a regular helmet is all that is required.

Gravity Enduro – Open Division is for riders who MUST race in a Full Face Helmet. While recommended for all age groups, U15+U17 MUST have knee guards and covered arms also. There will be Categories from u15, u17, u19, 19-29, 30-40 (Vets) and 40-50 (Masters) and 50+ (Super Masters). This Division will have a Super Stage that may be super fast, super technical, super steep or have all of those characteristics. 

Race Format   

Funduro riders will have 4 timed tracks and GE riders will have 3 that must be completed and the best time from each attempt will get added together for an overall time. Each rider can attempt up to 5 runs if they can fit them into the limited time allocations.
You aren’t timed on the uphill so there is no rush getting back up to the top, except if you plan on riding all tracks 5 times! 
Riders are welcome to head down together and as there is no start line, friends and families can party train it down the tracks.

Riders must allow enough time for the rider starting ahead of them to get down the trail without catching them.

There will be 1 track designated for beginner or slower riders at all times and this track will be rotated through the event. The schedule for this is on the website


Timing will be live and can be access by following the registration links.