Race start

  • Riders must start with one foot on the ground
  • Riders will be given a 1-minute notice before the race starts, then the race starter will say 15 seconds and anytime from now.


  • Riders will be self seeded unless Auscycling provides a current list of National Rankings.
  • Riders will have a length of fire road to get into position before the first single track.


  • Riders walking must move their bikes off the track and give way to riders
  • Riders wishing to pass may communicate this desire by calling “track”. Calling this does not give the faster rider the right to overtake. The person in front is racing also. If you are racing on the same lap, you may not move to block a faster rider.
  • If you are being lapped, you must pull over where safe for a faster rider to get through

Feed zones / technical zones

  • Riders can take on fluid or nutrition from the main fire road near the start / finish.
  • Riders can swap out wheels during the event however, must finish on the same bike.


  • Riders should consider the distance to the rider in front when negotiating technical sections and ensure they can stop if needed.
  • In the event of a crash, riders must check to ensure the rider is ok and proceed to the next marshal and inform them of the crash. 


  • If riders are unable to finish the race, please advise timing so that they officials know they are no longer on the track.

Course cutting

  • Riders found deliberately course cutting will be penalised. This could be a time penalty, or a disqualification determined by the race commissaire.


  • Random prize draws will occur at the midday presentations.

When not racing

  • Students must not be riding their bikes on the course, they are welcome to walk around the track to spectate NO RIDING as additional chip reads will slow the running of the day. Riders who have finished their event and choose to ride elsewhere do at their own risk and will not be covered by the event insurance.

Clothing, shoes and helmets

  • Students must always wear an Australian Approved Cycling Helmet when on a bike.
  • Students must have closed toe footwear and covered shoulders


  • All bike must have 2 working brakes and be fitted with handlebar plugs.